​Two Days in PARIS June 26, 27 2017

It’s been a learning curve! The train/metro system in Paris is so convenient and efficient. Learning to use it wasn’t quite as simple. But after a few missteps we have become almost experts. 
Trying to figure out the mobile phone options for visitors to France has been a huge time suck. Not knowing any French really doesn’t help. I now have a SIM card with the company called Orange. The introductory plan is good for 2 weeks. Then I have to refigure my options. 
Two days is just not enough to see Paris. The first day was mostly spent walking around trying to stay awake. It was HOT which didn’t help much. When we weren’t walking we drank coffee. 

I felt so much more awake the 2nd day. And it wasn’t as hot. We got to the d’Orsay Museum just before it opened. The first couple hours the crowds were small and it was much more enjoyable than later. The special exhibit of Cezanne’s portraits was well done. 

The Eifel Tower was next

At 6 we met Wired and Angelynn for dinner. Wired had just gotten off the airplane a few hours before. Before we left the US we had made plans of where and when to meet. It worked out perfectly. 

Angelynn is an American working in Paris. She gave us a great tour after dinner…. no crowds and gorgeous skies. It stays light til after 10 here!

Tomorrow morning we catch a train to Hendaye and the start of the HRP (High Randonnée Pyrénéenne). The weather forecast isn’t looking that good. We might delay our start. 

8 thoughts on “​Two Days in PARIS June 26, 27 2017

  1. rambler1959

    So glad you got to connect with Wired. Too bad Rockin wasn’t there to complete the group! Have fun on the HRP. Le Tour goes through Peyragudes on July 12. Maybe you’ll be there to watch!

  2. Lynn Duncan

    Good to see evidence of your safe arrivsl, and also Erin’s. I heard of the storms from her followers.

  3. Lucy Grittman

    Sounds like a fun time for all of you. Hope the weather clears up so you can enjoy your adventure. Good luck

  4. Warren

    Paris is one of few places I’d like to return. The shot of Notre Dame and the flying buttresses brings it all back. And the d’Orsay was one of the highlights I remember.

    Hope the weather becomes suitable and you and Erin have an amazing time together. GoGoGo!


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